21 March 2011

Tool...what else??


More often than not, Tool finds its way on to my iPod playlist and I doubt that there has ever been a time where I've skipped to the next song when that's happened.

Today, Forty Six & 2 came on.  It just stuck with me for the better part of the day and images started rolling through and essentially this is what came out.

I paid homage to the song by added a lyric at the bottom, one that really hits home, as well as creating a silhouette of the man who delivers said lyric with perfection, MJK.

| forty six and two are just ahead of me |

Current Song on iPod:
Tool | Reflection


  1. Love it! I see we're back to blue again...

  2. Well, it was green at first, but I liked the blue more. Green started to look like toxic gas or something, haha.