28 April 2011

More Photoshoppy Goodness

Well, after producing those remakes of classic movie posters, I decided to take a shot at the next photoplasty subject on Cracked.  This being: Classic movie scenes that were ruined by product placement.  I immediately thought up a couple of ideas that really didn't take all that long to produce.  So here goes:

.Indiana Jones.

Indiana Jones and his encounter with Adolf Hitler in The Last Crusade was the first idea that I came up with and essentially only took 3 minutes to do.

I still chuckle to myself when I look at it... is that wrong?


The bus jumping over the 50 foot gap in the road in the movie Speed came to mind a little while later and I knew that there had to be something that I could put on the side of the bus that would make it somewhat amusing.  The words "Wanna Get Away?" popped into my head and there you go.  Enjoy as always.

Song on iTunes:
Foo Fighters | Rope

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  1. ROFL. Nicely done! You just never cease to amaze me. :)